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    Diagnostico Para Establecer La Visibilidad Del Centro Empresarial Huila e de la Cámara de Comercio del Huila
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Ospina Duran, Juan Camilo; Hernández Silva, Angie Dayana; Pérez Quesada, Edgar
    The work contains an investigation to carry out a diagnosis that contributes to better visibility and recognition in the new headquarters of Competitiveness and Business Development of the Huila Chamber of Commerce in the south of the city of Neiva “Huila e, Business Center”. The fundamental purpose of this project is to propose an analysis to improve the visibility of the Huila Business Center, of the Huila Chamber of Commerce, as well as to invite the business community of the region to get to know this important center, which was built for the service of Huila businessmen. With technological modernization and the constant evolution of digital ecosystems, it is essential that business organizations of all kinds, adapt to the environment and efficiently adopt the tools available to increase their competitiveness, thus facilitating the achievement of the proposed business and economic objectives.
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    Estudio para Determinar los Riesgos Laborales de tipo Psicosocial Ocasionados por el Trabajo en Casa
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Jimenez Moreno, Lina Marcela; Pérez Quesada, Edgar
    In the evolution and transformation of new markets, lines, products and services and in the desire to find, direct and continue with organizational projects, companies did not visualize, focus or give importance to the risks that their Workers will carry out different work activities at home, thus having future consequences on their physical and emotional state. Therefore, a bibliographic review was carried out to identify the factors associated with Psychosocial occupational risks caused by working at home, with a qualitative research focus, based on exploratory research and starting from a global theme followed by a national theme. , ending with research and local bibliographical references. Based on criteria related to the different existing variables of the problem and seeking the attention and interest of readers as the main objective. The results of this research will lead to the development of the study and the solution of the problem statement, knowing and mitigating the negative impacts on the development of work activities in a family environment and the social environment.
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de una empresa comercializadora de granos en Tunja, Boyacá
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Reina Pérez, Julian Camilo; Giraldo Camacho, Jorge Hernán
    This document refers to the creation of a company that is dedicated to the commercialization of grains. The main objective is to design a complete business plan focused on the grain sector for the city of Tunja, Boyacá. It presents marketing strategies, management skills, a market study, competition, among other business administration tools
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    Plan de negocio para la creación de una hamburguesería artesanal con enfoque gastronómico global en la ciudad de Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Estrada Correa, Diana Carolina; Sanjuan Fontalvo, Jennifer Camila; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This business plan directs its approach towards the creation of an artisan hamburger restaurant with a global gastronomic focus, in the city of Santa Marta. In Colombia, the consumption of food outside the home has increased and consumers are always looking for different food alternatives, therefore, it is expected to offer different types of hamburgers with unique flavors, incorporating ingredients from different countries around the world. The company proposed in this business plan points to the development of an innovation scheme as a central value, using a framework of good service, and incorporating an optimal customer service model through rapid response schemes through dual channels. of attention. This research has a mixed approach, it is expected to know the perception of consumers from primary instruments, and in the same way, secondary sources will be used to strengthen each of the sections of this document from the theoretical and methodological conception.
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    Formulación de un plan de negocios para la creación de una empresa de ciclopaseos en la ciudad de Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Mejía Pájaro, Yesid de Jesús Galvis Chegwin, Howard Enrique; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    The territory of Magdalena has different qualities to be powerful in the tourist sector at national level, this is due to the amount of flora and fauna and its natural riches that this Department has, this project was born by a particular taste for tourism as a form of social interaction and knowledge and valuation of the strengths that exist in this branch, in that context, the ecological potential is identified, and capitalizing it by means of the cycle walk in the city of Santa Marta and its surroundings, highlighting that this territory is privileged by all the components with which it counts, such as the seas, rivers, mountains and their beautiful ecosystems that can be enjoyed. By the above written, it is necessary to implement this business plan of the cycle tours in the tourist sectors of this city, since frequently these sites are visited by tourists from all parts of the country and abroad, our service of the cycle tour, it is aimed at any type of person of greater age, after fulfilling the requirements demanded by the company will benefit from the services, emphasizing the importance of making this practice for the human body contributing to maintain good health, apart from that customers can enjoy the wonders offered by the natural landscapes, which are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta In turn, the tours that are provided to the clients are: Minca tours, shell bay tours and mango pass tours, will also be arranged a headquarters in the Minca district, because that place is one of the most visited by tourists, the main idea is to meet the different needs of customers who are willing to use our service and fulfill their expectations, this practice is being handled in other countries of the world and it is time to plan and put it into practice in this part of the country, highlighting that it has all the qualities to carry out this business plan, for the present investigation, a study is carried out that will be analyzed from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, carrying out studies of an exploratory scope in order to know more details of the subject which has not been studied and which is not known. find data at the municipal level, a variable is defined together with some indicators and several observations are made of the current situation of tourism in the city and its surroundings that can know the tourist potential of the city of Santa Marta and the number of people interested in doing ecological tourism and the amount of resources that tourists would be willing to invest in tourism and cycle tours, this information will be obtained by collecting information from different sources such as primary and secondary
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    Propuesta de un plan de marketing digital en la empresa Alfalum decoraciones en Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Caicedo Ossa, Javier Andrés; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This document intends to display a proposal for a digital marketing plan for the company ALFALUM in order to design a commercial action scheme with the purpose of positioning the brand in the future, in addition to optimizing the recognition of the company's value elements. among the current customer base, simplifying the interaction. In the present investigation, a cross-sectional cuantitative .- exploratory recognition scheme is implemented under a quasi-experimental approach, starting from the recognition of the current client of the company in order to understand their problems and needs. The recognition method is descriptive, since a set of procedures and logical processes are used based on a primary study through a measurement survey, and based on these results, an intervention scheme is formulated for the design of a management plan. digital marketing that allows to achieve an optimal positioning model in the long term.
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    Efectos del confinamiento por el Covid -19 durante el año 2020 y la reactivación del sector Hotelero en la ciudad de Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Portillo Tovar, Luis Esteban; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    The global coronavirus epidemic caused important effects on the global economy during the year 2020, which has caused a negative impact on the different economic sectors, since COVID-19 is not only an emergency for public health, but also implies an economic shock of both supply and demand, which is why there is a need to determine the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector in Colombia. The research was developed through a bibliographic review in which, critically, the data related to the phenomenon of interest was analyzed after conducting a search in the main databases. In Colombia, the national government took measures through decrees to be able to protect its financial sectors and that the GDP is not so devastating for the country's economy, among them are decrees 462, 397, 557 and 417; alliances between departmental and municipal secretaries generated innovative proposals so that the crisis in the tourism sector is reactivated in a positive way for all.
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de un restaurante dedicado a la preparación de comida a base de pescado y mariscos en la ciudad de santa marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Hernández Márquez, Dalena Karina; Montero Vidal, Valeria Tatiana; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This business idea was born to create a new artisan proposal when it comes to eating seafood, taking into account the culture of the fishermen of the city of Santa Marta, thus achieving a different way of preparation. The idea of this project is to open up the opportunity to create employment for fishermen in the area to improve their lives and achieve excellent quality in the final product. The Samarian culture has a lot to offer tourists through its food and tradition, but the big restaurants in the city have left their customs and traditions behind. This restaurant seeks to preserve customs, additionally offer a pleasant experience to diners, and achieve greater acceptance among the public. This project carries out a mixed type of research since it implements a qualitative and quantitative detection model, for which the implementation of various devices of a primary and secondary nature is carried out to find the global investigation of the object of analysis. and formulation. At the institutional level, this study is carried out according to the guidelines of the business administration study area.
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    Aproximación al fenómeno de las apuestas deportivas desde una óptica sociológica y econométrica. análisis de escenarios prospectivos del sector y modelos fácticos de inversión del capital en las plataformas de apuestas online
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Perez Escobar, German Andrés; Velásquez Delgado, Diego Andrés; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This document carries out a conjunctural analysis of the environment in the world of sports betting, this being a sector that has shown exponential growth in recent years on a global scale as a result of technological massification and the consolidation of sports and games of chance. . The work seeks to carry out a factual recognition of the procedural environment that surrounds the world of betting, for this purpose regulatory sections, intervention strategies from a psychological perspective and empirical explanations are contextualized with respect to the economic context that an investment decision entails. From the methodological point of view, the work presents a qualitative research model addressing an experimental exploratory scenario, and incorporating correlational-based elements from a transversal perspective through primary and secondary information tools, thereby seeking to recognize the subject matter of study, and understand the implication of the phenomenon of sports betting from a sociological and econometric notion. The article recognizes probabilistic models in relation to sports betting, and the rational behavior involved in betting from a rational perspective, in addition to recognizing the relevance of capital management processes to understand the behavioral economics behind of an economic decision; The findings of the study provide a visualization of the investment criteria in the world of online betting, for this the position of a bettor is individualized and this information is contrasted with parametric data used for capital management in a virtual betting house.
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    Plan táctico para la recuperación y normalización de la cartera para la empresa eficacia S.A
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Portillo Vera, Franky Stid; Duque, Carlos Alberto
    The tactical process of managing and collecting a company's receivables involves the efficient and effective management of accounts receivable to ensure that the company can recover money owed by its customers. The first step in this process is to establish clear policies and procedures for handling accounts receivable and to ensure that customers are aware of these policies. It is important that customers understand the terms of payment and the consequences of not meeting agreed-upon deadlines.
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de una empresa de importación de productos cosméticos asiáticos en la ciudad de Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Aparicio Redondo, Ángel Rafael; Lemus Linero, Cáterin Marcela; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    The following business proposal is focused on the creation of a business model that consists in the construction of a company specialized in the import and distribution of products brought from Asia (specifically from South Korea) located in the city of Santa Marta, taking into account that in recent years this sector has had a significant growth worldwide. With the introduction of this company to the market, it seeks to create a new consumer trend that manages to satisfy the cosmetic needs that are currently at the forefront. This document carries out a quantitative type of research, taking into account that only sales units will be measured. The instruments to be used will be of a primary and secondary nature, in order to determine the feasibility of cosmetics. At the institutional level, this research is developed following the guidelines of the research area of Organizational Management
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de empresa de prestación de servicio público domiciliario de energía eléctrica mediante paneles solares, en la ciudad de santa marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Troncoso Loaiza, Jhan Carlos; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This business plan focuses on offering a renewable and sustainable energy alternative to homes and small businesses in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. The company will provide its services to customers who are within its coverage area. It is intended to meet the growing demand for energy and reduce the renewable carbon footprint in the city and the region. In addition, the company seeks to offer a quality, reliable and safe service to its customers, with an affordable and transparent business model. This project uses a mixed investigative typology, since it carries out an analytical spectrum at a qualitative and quantitative level, making use of secondary tools for the formulation of the different methodological scenarios, and a primary tool for the recognition of sectoral scenarios. which the business faces. This research is part of the institutional line of Management of organizations.
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de una empresa de empaques biodegradables
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Cantillo Arrieta, Andrea Carolina; Ramírez Bernal, Juan Sebastian; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    The establishment of Bioempac, which is dedicated to the production and processing of biodegradable packaging made of banana leaf, will be carried out in the environment-friendly city of Santa Marta (Magdalena Department Municipality). The aim of this organisation is to provide another packaging alternative for products, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The incorporación of this business model aims to provide a solution to the increase in the use of plastic packaging in foodstuffs, developing a new consumption habit, implemented through a functional value model structure in order to properly address this need. The present proposal outlines a mixed research typology, as the qualitative and quantitative model of recognition is implemented, together with elements such as primary and secondary sources, seeking overall analysis of the object of study and formulation. At the institutional level, the following alignment of organizations' management research is carried out.
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    Plan de negocios para la creación de una línea de consumo saludable, en la panificadora Dora Pan, Santa Marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Wandurraga Zafra, Samir Octavio; Pérez Navarro, Garleth Saray; Restrepo Lobo, Miguel Enrique
    This business plan aims to generate a model for the creation of a line of bakery products beneficial to health in the organizational context of the bakery DORAPAN, located in the city of Santa Marta. In view of the limited supply of health-oriented bakery products in traditional bakeries, it is intended to open the current product catalog, and propose a line of consumption with different commercial proposals containing healthy and artisanal trends; likewise, to work under the objective of strengthening the existing business model with the implementation of operational, tactical and strategic strategies to meet the new line of consumption. In this prospective study, a mixed research typology will be used, applying both quantitative and qualitative scientific research models, in addition to the implementation of business framework tools in commercial, operational and financial areas to demonstrate the feasibility and in turn define decision criteria. At the institutional level, this document bases its applicability according to the guidelines for research in Innovation Management.
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    Análisis del Impacto de la Estrategia Feedback en los trabajadores de Yajá para el 2023
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Mayorga Álvarez, Heidi Natalia; Ramirez Tarazona, Vladimir
    The final objective of this research is to carry out the performance evaluation analysis using the 360 feedback strategy for the company Yajá SAS and also be able to contribute to organizational improvement and development in addition to enhancing activities, the importance of this exercise is in doing more efficient and effective management of the company's human capital and show results of the study as part of organizational management, since currently this resource is used to improve the work environment, this research is mixed in that it has both qualitative variables as quantitative and is carried out through the interview technique.
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    Propuesta de reestructuración de la red logística y de transporte para el proceso de aprovisionamiento de la empresa Caravela Coffee SAS
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Cotamo García, Juan Sebastian; Ramirez Tarazona, Vladimir
    The design of a supply logistics network is a way of managing the supply chain, in such a way that all activities are integrated, seeking to improve the relationships in the chain, with the aim of achieving competitive advantages in an increasingly competitively logistically speaking.
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    Plan De Negocio Para La Creación De Una Empresa De Licor Artesanal A Base De Uchuva
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Castiblanco Ramírez, Lili Katherine; Ramirez Tarazona, Vladimir
    The purpose of this work is to define a business plan for the creation of a company for the production and marketing of artisanal liquor based on cape gooseberry as the main raw material. This business idea arises in response to the high demand for alcoholic beverages, promoting and emphasizing the recognition of the fruit as it is considered exotic, in addition to being cataloged as an endemic variety of Colombia due to its color, flavor, etc. To promote development in the countryside by generating more employment in the region and improving the conditions of small producers.
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    Plan de Marketing para la Luciérnaga Gifts
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Vega Rodriguez, Adriana Patricia; Martinez Herrera, Maria Alicia
    A marketing plan for a company is a tool that is responsible for drawing and implementing concise objectives in order to meet them and make the company more competitive. This marketing plan seeks to project activities for the Firefly Gifs, thinking about the application of marketing Mix of goods and services On- line and in the search that these are recognized by consumers, to expand their market segment that accesses you to enjoy a good reception of your products and services in the city, to comply with the profitability and profits that are sought to be obtained.
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    "Plan de mejora del esquema de compensación variable de la empresa Compunet S.A. Caso de estudio: COMPUNET S.A."
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Caro Puin, Juan Alejandro; Fuentes Vaca, Jasblehydy Arjenys
    The present research aims to analyze the issue faced by Compunet S.A., a telecommunications company, where the variable compensation schemes are unsatisfactory for account managers, negatively impacting productivity and sales goals. To address this problem, a descriptive method was used, involving interviews with 13 active account managers.
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    Análisis de las Estrategias utilizadas por la Microempresa Lebefy del Sector Textil y de Confección de la ciudad de Bogotá, para abordar las Problemáticas Operacionales
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Sánchez Benavides, Yeyffer Steve; Monroy Machado, Alexandra Liliana
    The present research analyzes the strategies used by the company Lebefy in the textile and clothing sector in Bogotá to improve its productivity and overcome operational issues. A visit was made to the company where information was collected about its production processes, equipment, waste management, safety measures, among others.