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El optómetra que quiero ser

2024-05-31; Poveda, Sara

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9775

Testimonio estudiante programa optometría


Verificaciòn de concentraciòn de ion fluor en el agua y eliminaciòn en orina en niños con fluorosis severa de 7-15 años en el corregimiento juncal municipio de Palermo Huila

2024-05-29; Macias Cano, Sara Melisa; Muñoz Quiñonez, Lina Yineth; Charry Aldana, Sanly

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9774

Dental fluorosis has become a public health problem in Colombia in recent years, an increase has been reported in some communities, water for human consumption contains high contents of fluoride ion, which is why they are at risk for dental fluorosis and others. alterations at a systemic level. In the urine analysis of the children of the town of El Juncal, high levels of fluorine ion were found. For this purpose, the water for human consumption was also analyzed, finding high levels of fluorine ion concentration in the water (exceeding 5ppm) for which It is believed that the main source of fluoride intake in this population is through water. Making a comparison with a population from Campoalegre, low levels of fluorine ion were found in urine (0.67ppm), while in water (1.05ppm) it was found within the limit recommended by the WHO for fluorine ion. The consequences of excessive intake of the fluoride ion is the accumulation in calcifying tissues such as teeth, which produces mottling in the tooth enamel. In other more severe cases, skeletal fluorosis and alterations of other organs are found that harm life. person's daily life.


Auxiliar de Ingeniería Civil en la secretaría de Planeación de la Alcaldía de Mongua, Boyacá

2024-05-06; Silva Corredor, Laura Valentina

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9773

The internship was carried out at the Planning Secretariat of the Municipal Mayor's Office of Mongua, located in the department of Boyacá, whose purpose was to provide support in administrative processes related to the review of documents, preparation of nomenclature certificates, stratification and land use. requested by the community. In addition, the databases of the beneficiary population of the housing project were updated; on the other hand, follow-up visits were made to the Bicentenario road. Where a mixed approach was used that combined quantitative and qualitative methods. Among the activities carried out are updating databases, housing verification visits, preparation of administrative documents, as well as follow-up visits to the Bicentenario road and preparation of budgets for road projects.


Apoyo en la gestión técnica en Camargo Construcciones y Equipos SAS en Duitama, Boyacá

2024-05-06; Cely Castro, Olga Johana

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9772

In this degree project, a detailed analysis of the execution of activities in construction projects during an internship at Camargo Construcciones y Equipos SAS is presented. Among these projects, the construction of the storage tank for the potable water treatment plant (P.T.A.P) stands out. Additionally, the Sandoval commercial and residential building in the municipality of Duitama, where technical and administrative work was carried out. In the first place, technical supervision was carried out in the execution of the work and of the work personnel to ensure the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).