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    Informe final de la pasantía en la empresa Petrocol Services SAS en el área de Servicios
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) González Chávarro, Valentina; Quimbaya Ramirez, John Jairo
    Petrocol Services S.A.S, is a huilense company dedicated to providing efficient solutions to the industrial sector. This company has highly qualified operational personnel that fulfills the legal obligations and agreements agreed in the different areas of the country. This company has established as strategic objectives, to achieve a point of balance in the delivery of its services because of the economic crisis that it lived; incorporate the different solutions into the environmental line structure; importing efficient equipment; have the capacity to sell, install, maintain and sustain clean energy generation projects and carry out projects in South American countries. Based on this information, an analysis of internal and external factors will be carried out in order to find the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company so that it can expand its horizons of economic growth in the market. To perform such analysis, an observation guide and DOFA matrix will be used as study tools to identify and establish an updated company diagnosis, which will allow to design an improvement strategy that will become the main pillar of the company, so that in the future this may be the best option in Colombia in terms of energy production because it has a model of cost efficiency, reliability, strategy and sustainability
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    Elementos Determinantes en la Comercialización de Panela Pulverizada en el Departamento del Huila: Una Propuesta Exportable hacia Mercados Internacionales
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Bolaños Bustos, Leidy Yinneth; Campo Barrios, Manuel Alejandro
    The purpose of this monograph is to address the determining elements for the commercialization of powdered panela in Huila, Colombia, in the international market, with a focus on its viability as an exportable product to international markets. Documentary research is conducted to analyze elements related to production, exports, distribution logistics, and other relevant aspects. The study aims to understand how these local and global factors impact the marketing of powdered panela and how they can enhance the competitiveness of local producers in international markets.
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    Consideraciones a tener en cuenta en la exportación de fertilizantes a base de roca fosfórica a Costa Rica caso: Empresa Fosfatos del Huila S.A
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Polania Alvira, Juan David; Campo Barrios, Manuel Alejandro
    This research focuses on analyzing the considerations that should be taken into account when exporting fertilizers based on phosphate rock to international markets, with the purpose of allowing the company fosfatos del Huila S.A. to access the Costa Rican market with its products Ground Phosphate 251020 and Unground Phosphate 251010, in order to achieve its business vision of expanding in the Central American region. The methodology used is based on an exhaustive review of the available information on companies that have carried out exports in the department of Huila, focusing especially on the sector of fertilizers made from phosphate rock. In this descriptive study, the information was compiled through reports provided by both the Antonio Nariño University and the company Fosfatos del Huila S.A., as well as preliminary research. The findings of this study will offer concrete recommendations to the company, which will be useful for the company to determine if it is viable to enter the Costa Rican market, which will allow a broader understanding of the Central American region and the countries that compose it; Therefore, in this research three main specific objectives were structured that will help to understand the phenomena of the international market, which are to evaluate the production capacity of the exportable supply and the agroindustrial sector, the realization of a study of international supply and demand. Finally, to review the main logistic aspects of international physical distribution, customs and marketing channels of fertilizers based on phosphate rock, thus developing a study with a focus on international trade and contribute to the regional economy and exports.
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    Principales aspectos para la exportación de Tilapia entera congelada y Tilapia entera fresca a mercados internacionales desde el departamento de Huila
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Murcia Roa, Lizeth Vanessa; Yusunguaira Gómez, Hellen; Quimbaya Ramirez, John Jairo; Campo Barrios, Manuel Alejandro
    The purpose of this research is to determine the main aspects that must be taken into account to export frozen whole Tilapia and fresh whole Tilapia in order to increase production and profitability of companies in Huila - 2023. The methods used included direct observation, primary and secondary information regarding the production process of the selected tariff items: frozen whole Tilapia and fresh whole Tilapia, which have high potential in Huila and can be extensively exported. Additionally, a target market selection matrix, logistical chain for exportation, study of supply and demand, analysis of international prices, as well as a quotation from the AS national cargo transportation company from Neiva - Huila to the port of Cartagena - Bolívar were conducted. The research proposal is based on Time Study and digital statistical tools such as Trade Map, Procolombia, and Legiscomex, which are related to the reality and objectives of this thesis work.
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    Oportunidades Comerciales del Fertilizante Orgánico Mineral producido en Corpoagrominh hacia los Mercados Internacionales
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Cerquera Díaz, Juan Felipe; Un Guahuña, Gayla Gianella; Quimbaya Ramirez, John Jairo
    The present study was carried out in order to offer the Agrominera Corporation of Huila a vision of how its new organic mineral fertilizer would behave in the international market, and what are the opportunities that it has when it comes to betting on its business vision which is to reach national and international markets with an innovative product with great productive impact for the agricultural sector. This monograph is developed under a descriptive study whose sources of information are primary and secondary. Talking about the project’s structure, the project was made up of four specific objectives, which cover the product offer, the application of a matrix selection in which the most suitable countries for the development of an internationalization plan were defined, and with this it was possible to identify the demand of these countries. Finally, a step by step was developed for the corporation to carry out when wanting to venture into the foreign market.
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    Incidencia de la Producción de Aguacate Hass del Municipio de Fresno en el Departamento del Tolima 2007-2021 y la Oferta Exportable de Aguacate Hass del Departamento del Tolima en el Mercado Internacional Entre los Años 2017-2020
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Polanco Lozano, Nicolás Felipe; Gongora Higuera, Willian Eduardo
    This study analyzes the influence of Hass avocado production in Fresno town on the GDP of Tolima between 2007 and 2021 through an econometric model. The results reveal a significant impact supported by a constant of 11,158.0 and a coefficient of 0.213446, both statistically significant. The constant represents the expected GDP when avocado production is zero, and the coefficient indicates the projected change in GDP per unit change in avocado production.
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    Análisis de la incidencia de la producción y exportación del sector panelero en el empleo del departamento del Tolima entre 2017 a 2023
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Sánchez Pérez, Luis Alejandro; Gongora Higuera, Willian Eduardo
    A study was conducted to analyze how production and exportation in the panela sector impact employment generation in the Tolima department. The research aimed to answer the question: "What is the impact of panela sector production and exportation on employment in the Tolima department, considering the period from 2017 to 2020?" This study utilized a quantitative approach and relied on data from public statistical sources to support its findings.
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    Incidencia del Precio del Dólar Estadounidense en las Exportaciones de Café del Departamento del Tolima entre 2018-2022
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Guzmán Bonilla, Valentina; Gongora Higuera, Willian Eduardo
    This work aims to analyze the impact of exchange rate appreciation or depreciation on coffee exports from the Tolima department during the period 2018-2022. The research was conducted using a quantitative and correlational approach supported by public statistical sources.
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    Mejoramiento del proceso del área administrativa: dependencia de Facturación y área operativa: dependencia de asistente de operaciones conforme a los servicios marítimos LBH GROUP COLOMBIA SAS
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Sanchez Cantillo, Mery Angelie; López, Juan José
    LBH Colombia S.A.S., a leading company in the maritime sector, is facing challenges in its administrative and operational areas that require effective solutions to optimize its performance and ensure competitiveness in the market. The purpose of this study is to present an improvement plan derived from the various actions and activities implemented during my internship at LBH, with the aim of enhancing the company's performance in the market and its ability to provide high-quality services internationally. The following will outline the process of modernizing the review and payment of invoices, as well as the updating of a format for managing services before the arrival and after the departure of vessels. These improvements will not only benefit the company in terms of efficiency and service quality but also strengthen its position in the maritime industry and increase customer and supplier satisfaction. In a dynamic and competitive business environment, adapting to technological trends and optimizing internal processes are essential for the long-term success of any organization. LBH Colombia S.A.S. is taking steps to ensure its position in the market and its ability to provide high-quality services on an international level.
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    Transformación e impacto de la industria 4.0 en la logística internacional y una cadena de valor más eficiente
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Plaza Castrillo, Vladimir José; López Arango, Juan José
    This monograph focuses on the integration of innovation and the impact of Industry 4.0 in international logistics and value chains, in a dynamic global environment where efficiency and agility are essential, this study explores how emerging logistics technologies Industry 4.0 are fundamentally changing international supply chain management. This study not only aims to provide theoretical knowledge, but also offer practical recommendations for organizations seeking to improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness in the globalized economy, by strategically implementing Industry 4.0 innovations, companies will be able to redefine their logistics operations and maximize the value at each stage of the value chain, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term competitive advantage.
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    Dinámica de exportaciones del alcohol orgánico, periodo 2020 – 2022
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Mejía Posada, Verónica; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    The export of organic products from Latin American countries to North America and Europe has great potential as demand is growing (Martínez and González, 2018). Thus, the study of international trade in organic products allows us to observe the current potential of said products in the market, as well as to recognize the comparative advantages of Colombia as an agro-exporting country.
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    Diseño plan de mejoramiento apertura de D’ Orden para las importaciones en la agencia de aduanas Agecoldex SA Nivel 1
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Carmona Castrillón, Stefanny; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    Customs agencies in Colombia aim to collaborate with customs authorities in the application of legal regulations related to foreign trade, this ranges from customs agency which means making the process of importing and exporting goods easier and faster; To achieve this, it is very important to stay up to date with all customs regulations and venture into technology.
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    El impacto de las exportaciones de la industria azucarera sobre el PIB del Valle del Cauca entre los años 2018 al 2022
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) García López, Natalia Lorena; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    The sugar industry of the Cauca Valley is one of the most successful business sectors in Colombia. They are leaders in sugar production, being one of the most productive industrial complexes with the greatest influence on the economic and social development of the region and the country. since it has geographical and crematory conditions that are appropriate for its cultivation and continuous harvest throughout the year, in this way Valle del Cauca is the main department, it has approximately an area of 225,560 hectares planted with sugar cane.
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    Economía del cuidado para la internacionalización de productos cosméticos del Valle del Cauca
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Olave Ordoñez, Diana; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    The beauty market has been characterized by its primary marketing through traditional sales channels, ranging from beauty parlors to consulting and catalog sales models, which have also been models of economic development and job creation around the world. world, in addition to the fact that there are careers for managing this market, today both men and women want to make changes in their physical part, in their self-esteem and in Colombia they are motivated not only to buy cosmetic products, but also the importance of within of this item.
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    Análisis del arribo de los buques en tres terminales del puerto de Buenaventura para la competitividad internacional
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Valencia Calderón, Carlos Andrés; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    This work is done with the objective of presenting an analysis of the complexity and competitiveness of the arrival of ships due to the lack of dredging in the three most important terminals of the port of Buenaventura. Therefore, this port allows for commercial dynamism, global connectivity; It is located between the north and south of the American continent. As historical data, at the beginning of exports, roads that were made by preHispanic indigenous people were used, moving along paths only for people.
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    Propuesta de un modelo de integración binacional en la gestión integrar de residuos sólidos en conjuntos residenciales para la república de Ecuador
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Carabali Hernández, Asly Marcelli; Muñoz Aguilar, Rafael Antonio
    This research project is aimed at knowing the type of management, storage and purpose of solid waste generated in residential complexes in the city of Cali with the scope that the Republic of Ecuador articulates the processes in the storage of solid waste according to the applicative application the Colombian environmental regulations, which provides the management parameters for an adequate implementation Within the methodology to obtain an approximation to results, the design of an instrument (survey) designed by the Faculty of Engineering of the Ecotec Technology University is proposed of Guayaquil Ecuador and the program of Engineering and International Trade of the Antonio Nariño University of the Neiva and Cali campuses with the above , a binational integration model is proposed between the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Ecuador based on the exc
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    Análisis de la producción de algodón como materia prima en el sector textil de Colombia en el periodo (2012-2022)
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Rivera Ceballos, Angelly; Agudelo, Carlos
    The present work analyzes the production of cotton as a raw material for the benefit of the textile sector in Colombia, through a documentary analysis and comparing some important aspects of the potential countries in cotton production in the world, with a perspective of reducing cost overruns. assumed by textile companies due to imports of raw materials and changes in prices in effect to changes in the TRM, the main source of information for this research was from Conalgodón and repositories related to the subject, in addition to interviews with influential entities and textile company to know the perspective of competitiveness and problems, a regulatory framework was also used to identify the support provided to the production of national cotton.
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    Detallar la variación de las importaciones de carga general en el puerto de santa marta: 2017 al 2021. una mirada a este tipo de carga.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Gómez Raigoza, Yesli Susana; López Arango, Juan josé
    Imports play a crucial role in an international logistics chain, as they enable companies to source products and raw materials from other countries to meet market demand, involving the planning and coordination of various logistics activities, such as international transportation, customs management, warehousing, and distribution. In addition, imports contribute to economic growth, generating employment and promoting global competitiveness. In the following study, a contextualization of the state of imports and port operations of the port of Santa Marta against general cargo type goods in the periods 2017 - 2021 was carried out. It analyzed the trends of general cargo, identified the main imported products, and a SWOT analysis was performed. The methodology applied in this research is descriptive analytical type with a deductive method that begins with the description, analysis and evaluation of data collected in order to obtain information directly related to our topic of study. The collection and review of relevant material includes (secondary) information on the geographic characteristics of the port of Santa Marta, its infrastructure, and available logistic resources, and thus the results obtained provide valuable information for strategic decision making and the development of commercial policies in the port.
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    Propuesta de una app como estrategia de marketing internacional para el sector turístico de Santa Marta-Magdalena
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Lopez Mejia, Stefany; López Arango, Juan José
    Santa Marta is an important (destination) in the national tourism of Colombia and for the world, its parks, culture, natural resources, people, and stories are aspects that positively influence the city's tourism, the objective of this work is based on the creation and implementation of an app as a national and international marketing strategy. With a mixed study method, to analyze the effectiveness and cultural perspective of a tourism application for Santa Marta, classified as a descriptive exploratory research, which seeks to determine key properties of the phenomenon and understand the perception of the applications in different places. The target population is tourists and national residents outside of Santa Marta, with a sample of 150 people selected using specific criteria. The final analysis will focus on evaluating the viability of an application as an international marketing strategy for tourism in Santa Marta, the evolution of marketing in the digital era and the relevance of the Internet are investigated. The application is expected to boost tourism, generating economic benefits, employment and attracting foreign investment.
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    Plan de mejoramiento para el proceso operativo de fletamentos de los buques que arriban a los puertos marítimos de santa marta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Aragón Álvarez, Rodolfo Alfredo; Sánchez García, Luis Alberto
    This work contains the development of an improvement plan for the charter operational process in the General Maritime Directorate DIMAR, through which the arrival of ships and boats in the port captaincy of Santa Marta is executed. In order to improve this procedure and update it, we seek to understand how it is currently carried out in the entity, therefore, data collection was carried out through a survey to find points of improvement and optimization to streamline the process and make it efficient. In the course of this work, the importance of DIMAR in all Colombian foreign trade activities and its work as a regulatory body for seaports is exposed, as well as its contribution to the development of the country's maritime sector. Since its creation, DIMAR has been an entity in charge of promoting the activities of the Colombian maritime sector and regulating international trade activities within its function as a coordinating entity for maritime ports. Likewise, it is the entity that is responsible for giving due compliance to the policies or regulations adopted by Colombia from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), such as the code for the protection of ships and port facilities ISPS, which plays a role. important role in the regulatory regime of international maritime transport.To execute the above, the DIMAR makes available to the Customs Agencies and Shipping Companies the issuance of charters for the arrival of vessels that import and market merchandise in the country, which can be a complex process, if not carried out. carried out correctly, as is currently the case that these companies have presented problems when issuing the corresponding document, this being an opportunity to improve the activities of this entity and continue contributing to the development of the country's international trade.To prepare this improvement plan within the entity, it was necessary to carry out data collection activities, so a schedule of activities was proposed where the steps to follow were established to carry out the review of information about the process and the investigation of how is executed in the entity, as well as the implementation of improvement alternatives in the DIMAR This initiative seeks to promote support for small investigations and analysis that include the evaluation of processes in order to measure their performance taking into account the current process, which is established in the entity's regulations and carried out in all its port captaincies, since DIMAR as a Colombian maritime authority has jurisdiction throughout the national maritime jurisdiction.