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    Mantenimiento a banco de pruebas de motores trifásicos y monofásicos
    Mejía Araujo, Faber José; Sáenz Pereira, Josué David; Cajal Barros, Juan Vicente
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    Diseño e implementación de un plan de mantenimiento eficiente para equipos industriales de grado hospitalario en el centro médico valle de Atriz.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Benavides Ramos, Michael Favian ; Tulcán Cerón, Duván Estiven ; Basante Basante, Jose Luis
    In the following project which is focused on the implementation of a plan effective maintenance for industrial equipment medical degree from a medical institution services such as the Valle de Atriz medical center and To achieve the objective, 10 points have been established important for the execution and development of the themselves, starting towards the vision of improving the productivity of the teams so that together with the activities carried out in the institution always is to provide an optimal and adequate service health to the community of our region.
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    Diseño de Unidad Móvil para la Toma de Muestras de Laboratorio Clínico CLINIZAD.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Martinez Ramos, Dario Ferney ; Oliveros Zambrano, Victor Manuel ; Hidalgo Gómez, Cristhian Julio ; Basante Basante, José Luis
    This article describes the research and design process that had to be carried out in this project. Different methodological tools focused on users were used. To do this, the needs that affect people were taken into account. In this design we managed to capture exactly what CLINIZAD officials needed. This shows how the mobile unit would be equipped since what was required was two types of sampling.
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    Higuita Zapata, Fran Alexis; Ballén Briceño, José Daniel20
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    Desarrollo de un protocolo de pruebas para motores AC de 0.5 kW a 2 kW en un taller de reparación de interruptores de alta tensión.
    Aristizábal Marín, Oscar Alfonso; Piamba Villegas, Juan Camili; Ballén Briceño, José Daniel
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    Desarrollo de los procesos de mantenimiento eléctrico del sistema de potencia de 115 kV de la subestación belén de Cúcuta
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Duarte Guerrero, Victor; Carvajal Labastida, Ciro Antonio
    In this document of the Electromechanical Maintenance Project, as a degree project to obtain the title of Technologist in Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance, the implementation and documentation of the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of the 115 KV bays that make up the electrical power system of the Belén substation owned by Centrales Eléctricas de Norte de Santander S.A. E. S. P, contains and contemplates the factors that influence when carrying out different types of maintenance, safety, voltage levels and type of bays in the electrical complex.
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    Diseño y construcción de un prototipo funcional de perforadora de piezas en serie
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Hurtado Cruz, Miguel Angel; Angulo Lizalda, Victor Hugo; Castañeda, Jaime Andrés
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    Ampliación del mantenimiento preventivo de grupos electrógenos conservando los criterios de funcionamiento correcto
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Ardila Hurtado, Sebastián; Pérez Duran, Anderson Bradley; Murcia Pacheco, Juan Manuel
    This research focuses on the expansion of preventive maintenance of generator sets, ensuring that they are maintained the criteria for correct operation. The groups Generators are devices that generate energy backup power when a power outage occurs the main supply.
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    Diseño de un sistema de instalación y distribución eléctrica de baja tensión para luminarias y tomacorrientes en áreas comunes para el condominio jardines de Santorini en Villavicencio
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Rivera Martínez, Wanderley; Villarraga, Alberto
    This preliminary project proposes the design and development of an efficient and safe electrical system for lighting and outlets in the common areas of a condominium. The problem being addressed is the lack of adequate and reliable electrical infrastructure that meets the lighting and connectivity needs in shared spaces. The objective is to create an electrical system that complies with current regulations, that is based on technical concepts and international standards, and that implements innovative approaches to optimize energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and promote sustainability. The methodology consists of applying the principles of electrical design, performing calculations and simulations, selecting the appropriate materials and equipment, and preparing the corresponding plans and diagrams. The scope of the preliminary project covers the common areas of the condominium, such as hallways, stairs, social rooms, parking lots, green areas, etc. The expected results are a functional and safe electrical system that provides adequate lighting and connectivity in the common areas of the condominium. KEYWORDS: electrical system, regulatory electrical design, current, lighting, connectivity, energy efficiency, sustainability.
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    Actualización del protocolo para elementos de red en el modelo digital de energía G/Technology
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Carvajal Ortiz, José Ángel; Carvajal Labastida, Ciro Antonio
    This project aims to define the work procedure for updating the CENS G/Technology digital model where all electrical energy assets are modeled and entered and left for the operation of the CDL, this will serve as a learning base for the entire team. company personnel, whether plant or contractor, who enters new and has to update on the application, so that when carrying out activities that will serve as a guide for the companies of the EPM group, interested in ensuring the resources and effective operation of all their assets, guaranteeing the sustainability of the company based on the reports of its Investment plans stipulated by the regulatory framework of CREG015 of 2018, which requires all companies to make an investment plan for assets in the electrical part that will have a life period of until 35 years which must be reported through the commissioning reports in MDE where all the Georeferenced assets are held.
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    Mantenimiento a banco de instrumentación industrial para la medición de temperatura y presión del Laboratorio de Automatización y Control de la Facultad de Ingeniería Mecánica, Eléctrica y Biomédica de la Universidad Antonio Nariño sede Cartagena
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Chavez Navarro, Selwins Edet; Cajal Barros, Juan Vicente
    This project abaut Maintenance of an industrial instrumentation bench for measuring temperature and pressure was developed at the Antonio Nariño University Cartagena headquarters Nariño, as graduation project of the Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance Technology, where the knowledge acquired during the development of the classes was applied, managing to methodologically develop a series of maintenance activities such as: problem diagnosis, application of corrective maintenance, implementation of preventive maintenance, getting that it was possible to restore the functionality of each of the modules that are part of this project, which allows it to continue being used by the students of the Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from the headquarters.
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    Propuesta para el mejoramiento del sistema eléctrico de servicios auxiliares de la subestación la culebra municipio del Zulia Norte de Santander.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Ravelo Contreras, Juan de Jesús; Carvajal Labastida, Ciro Antonio
    The degree work addresses a proposal for the improvement of the alternating current (AC) electrical system, direct current (DC) and the generating set with a capacity of 45 KVA as backup in case of absence of voltage from the main source. Because there is currently no renewal of the electrical system of auxiliary services in the company to date, the preparation of a proposal for said improvement of the system is provided.
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    Protocolo para la instalación de apantallamiento en redes de energía eléctrica.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Salazar Carrascal, William Alexander; Ascanio Cana, Jorge Luis; Carvajal Labastida, Ciro Antonio
    Through this technological project of Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance, the protocol for the installation of shielding in electrical energy networks, which serves as a basis for analyzing the processes and safety in the installation of shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference and dampen surges. The protocol presented defines a series of acts and procedures for typical shielding in electrical energy networks based on the main characteristics of the terrain, intervention structure, selection of materials, tools, developed guide thesis, among others. . The protocol has a set of detailed instructions to carry out the process of protecting electrical networks. The document provides a guide that describes the steps necessary to improve the security in the installation of these networks and therefore customer satisfaction. The logical and sequential ordering of the operations carried out when the executes an installation procedure for shielding electrical networks.
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    Implementación de un sistema automático para la preapertura de cajas plegadizas en una línea de producción de medicamentos.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Alvarez Zamora, Ivan David; Erazo Ordoñez, Christian Camilo
    This document presents an automatic pre-opening system for folding boxes implemented in a drug production line. The project included 5 stages for its development, initially the devices that are part of the medication packaging line were identified, then the elements and actuators were selected to obtain an estimated budget for the materials to be used. In this way, he set out to make electrical plans and sketches for the development of the device and its subsequent validation. The work carried out allowed us to identify, plan, and carry out the entire manufacturing process for a fully functional equipment that managed to minimize rejections and reduce production times. intervention in the BOSH CONTINA- 180 machine generated by defective materials, and that present problems in their folds within the packaging process of pharmaceutical products.
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    Mejoramiento y mantenimiento electromecánico del banco de pruebas de ensayos a torsión, para prácticas en el laboratorio de la UAN sede Villavicencio
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) López Rueda, Laura Marcela; Suarez Torres, Jeferson Julian
    The project consists of improving and performing electromechanical maintenance on the torsion test bench used in the laboratory of Antonio Nariño University - Villavicencio campus, in order to guarantee its correct functioning and prolong its useful life. Additionally, the intention is to improve laboratory practices for students and facilitate research in the field of materials mechanics. This update will allow for more precise and efficient tests in the laboratory through electromechanical maintenance, replacement of damaged parts and components, implementation of a graphical interface to visualize test results, and generation of electrical diagrams to facilitate equipment use by students and teachers. This translates into better training for students and higher quality results in the research carried out at UAN. Ultimately, this is an intervention and investment that adds value and improves the laboratory's ability to continue training future professionals Keywords: Torsion, test bench, PLC, maintenance, improvement, electromechanical.
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    Diseño de sistema de riego y monitoreo de variables mediante IOT en los cultivos automatizado con Arduino
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Florián Gómez, Jesús David; Orozco Lozano, Willman Antonio
    It is proposed to design an automatic irrigation system, which combines free hardware and software solutions, to calculate the humidity of the soil and air since these are vital because they are part of the harvest process.
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    Análisis y Propuesta de Mejora de un Sistema de Precarga Para los Rodamientos de los Reductores Delanteros en los Tractores CASE PUMA
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Echeverri Garcia, Cristian Eduardo; Castañeda Villalba, Jaime Andres
    There are various types and brands on the market. tractors, these are used in different companies of the agricultural sector; their functions vary according to their size and class, as well as brands. The CASE PUMA tractors are used within the process productive of the company, such as: lifting and harvesting the cane, the preparation of the land, among others. The following project shows the analysis and proposal to improve a preloading system for the bearings of the front reducers of the CASE PUMA tractors, in order to provide a new design that allows increasing the useful life of the machine, in turn reducing the costs of maintenance and repair. For this, an analysis was carried out on the mechanism of preload system, where the factors that affect the work of the machine, since in turn influences its useful life. Finally, with the aforementioned analysis Previously it is possible to identify the root of the problem and the possible solution, which consisted of redesign of the tightening nut, considering for this a new way of fitting and material selection. He redesign allowed to improve work times and tractor maintenance, reducing costs and increasing its use time.
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    Validación del comportamiento del acero AISI SAE 1045 sometido a fatiga por flexión rotativa a bajas temperaturas bajo la norma ASTM E606.
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Clavijo Rivera, Gerson; Macana Castillo, José Jorge; Macana Castillo, José Jorge
    The development of this research project is framed in the validation study of the mechanical behavior of AISI SAE steel 1045 when subjected to dynamic loads by rotational flexion to assess fatigue in temperatures of 0, -3 and -5 degrees Celsius, temperatures that can affect the structure of the steel and therefore vary its ductility.