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    Aplicación de Procesos Avanzados de Oxidación en la eliminación de contaminantes. Estudios recientes
    (Universidad Antonio Nariño) Moncayo, Alejandro; Martínez-Pachón, Diana; Torres Palma, Ricardo Antonio; Fondo editorial
    Advanced Oxidation Processes (PAOs) have become potential sustainable alternatives to be applied in various areas such as wastewater treatment from different sources, treatment of pollutants in different matrices, disinfection, purification, development of new materials, hydrogen production , biofuels, among many others. Its importance has transcended to such an extent that some of these are valued for technology transfer in applications on an industrial scale. This edition includes works carried out with each of the PAOS methods, such as fenton, photofenton, photocatalysis, UV-based processes, electrochemical processes and high-frequency ultrasound.