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Auxiliar de Ingeniería Civil en la secretaría de Planeación de la Alcaldía de Mongua, Boyacá

2024-05-06; Silva Corredor, Laura Valentina

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9773

The internship was carried out at the Planning Secretariat of the Municipal Mayor's Office of Mongua, located in the department of Boyacá, whose purpose was to provide support in administrative processes related to the review of documents, preparation of nomenclature certificates, stratification and land use. requested by the community. In addition, the databases of the beneficiary population of the housing project were updated; on the other hand, follow-up visits were made to the Bicentenario road. Where a mixed approach was used that combined quantitative and qualitative methods. Among the activities carried out are updating databases, housing verification visits, preparation of administrative documents, as well as follow-up visits to the Bicentenario road and preparation of budgets for road projects.


Apoyo en la gestión técnica en Camargo Construcciones y Equipos SAS en Duitama, Boyacá

2024-05-06; Cely Castro, Olga Johana

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9772

In this degree project, a detailed analysis of the execution of activities in construction projects during an internship at Camargo Construcciones y Equipos SAS is presented. Among these projects, the construction of the storage tank for the potable water treatment plant (P.T.A.P) stands out. Additionally, the Sandoval commercial and residential building in the municipality of Duitama, where technical and administrative work was carried out. In the first place, technical supervision was carried out in the execution of the work and of the work personnel to ensure the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Revisión del uso y aplicación de pavimentos reciclados con asfalto espumado a nivel internacional

2024-05-06; Millan Delgado, Kenny Yefrey

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9770

This research discloses the techniques, machinery, regulations and environmental impact of pavement recycling with foamed asphalt at an international level, due to its great importance in the economic development of a country. It is a technique based on creating a base layer by injecting small quantities of water and compressed air to a quantity of hot asphalt inside a chamber with recycled material, increasing its initial volume that allows the elaboration of a high performance foamed base by recycling asphalt materials and stone aggregates that guarantee a lower crack index based on the prolonged efforts due to traffic. In spite of this, it has become a problem due to the lack of knowledge regarding its engineering growth in the application.


Auxiliar de Ingeniería Civil en la Empresa Vivas Constructores S.A.S en el Área Técnico-Administrativo

2024-05-06; Gallo Cristancho, Jhoan Sebastian

URI: https://repositorio.uan.edu.co/handle/123456789/9769

development, especially in regions with seismic activity like Duitama, Boyacá. In this context, companies like "Vivas Constructores S.A.S" are faced with the challenge of ensuring the structural safety of their projects, strictly following the Colombian Regulation for Seismic Resistant Construction NSR-10. Additionally, with a constantly growing population, these companies must maintain a constant commitment to the quality and safety of their constructions. This commitment is reflected in the implementation of administrative and technical tasks that address various aspects of the construction process.