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-Use of geostatistical as analysis tool to formalize results in the field of electrosmog-
-Experimental Identification and Control of Solars Dryers for Wood-
-Range of the tolerance in the solution of integrals for the Moment Method (MM) during the computes of thin antennas of straight wires-
-Optimization of tuning PID controllers under IAE criteria applied to thermal processes-
-Alternativas para el Control Multivariable-
-Stability analysis of the adaptive fuzzy control system of the continuous casting process of steel of ACINOX – Las Tunas-
-Application of Loop Automation in an overhead distribution network of medium voltage-
-Mathematical model to determine the Coagulation Time Human Blood from Experimental Data-
-Robust Visual Segmentation using RCrR Plane and Mahalanobis Distance-
-Transmission system for biomedical signals through the general packet radio service GPRS-
-Modcod schemes’ analysis for DVB-RCS2 standard on Ka-Band HTS in Peru for rainy conditions-
-Robot Socially assistive and for multimodal autonomous interaction-
-Computer model of a Σ-Δ modulator 2nd order for generating testing signals in analog integrated circuits-
-Risk map for the water quality of municipal supply systems. A Colombian case-
-RFID systems for the control of large inventories-
-Capture system for human motion imitation by a fixed base planar robot-
-Bio-Inspired Optimization of a Fuzzy System Inference for the Generation of Psychedelic Effects in Digital Images-
-Comparison of performance and results in optical recognition hand written numbers using radial basis functions and memetic differential system-
-Sistema Automatizado para la Gestión del Mantenimiento-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 21 a 40 de 99