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-A reflection on tactical urbanism, marginal periphery and citizen participation-
-Urban renewal projects and the social construction of space. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires (Argentina)-
-Urban transformations as a sustainable urban development strategy: experiences, typological proposal, prospective for Colombia-
-Imaginaries of the city from sensitive cartographies.: The case of Cuernavaca, Mexico-
-Impact of Land Transport Combustion on air quality and public health in urban areas. A Review-
-The environmental dimension of territorial ordering from the paradigm of sustainable development in Latin America and Colombia-
-Dorado. Art and beauty in the urban periphery-
-Form and architectural work in the projection and occurrence of architectural landscape-
-The San Rafael Lagoon Hotel, the Ofqui channel and the opening of the western patagonian borderland: city, architecture and landscape in the state discourse-
-Guidelines for intervention in streams, as border landscape structurers in Medellín, Colombia-
-Self-evidence or pre-comprehension in the learning process of the architectonic project. Former experiences related with notions like landscape, territory or habitat-
-Kaufmann desert house. The landscape through the analysis of the architectural composition-
-Re-creation and historicity through the modernist sieve: Casa de Huespedes Ilustres by Rogelio Salmona-
-Measuring urban use in Sogamoso, Colombia: a methodological proposal: Caso de estudio: Sogamoso, Colombia-
-Unseen architecture ... or of that we don't want to see-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 200